The Seek Wisdom Series

Focussing on the grounds of a university, the paintings provide views of the grounds, sometimes inhabited by extinct animals, sometimes a view from within a lecture room dominated by peacocks.

The Socratic adage to seek wisdom is one that urges us to recognise the limits of our knowledge. In doing so, we allow ourselves to be open to the world, to continue exploration and learning. This series of paintings ask us to consider what is being lost as universities become increasingly distant from these Socratic ideals. Extinctions come in various kinds, and they usually happen slowly.

There are 14 paintings in this series to date, with a few more to go before I will be happy to call it a complete set. The paintings below are a sample… s from left to right and top to bottom they are: 1. Seek Wisdom 2. Sunken Garden 3. Intimations 4. Viewfinder 5. Public Secret 6. Japanese Garden 7. Japanese Garden II 8. Vigil 9. Parable.

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