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Very fond memories of spending hours in Sekaido (in 2007) looking at the most extraordinary  selection of art supplies I have ever seen prompted me to have another look for the store. I came across this blog which is well worth a visit for anyone wishing to purchase art supplies in Tokyo and had to pass it on…

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Benjamin the Last

Many of the photographic images of thylacines  you can find in the public domain are of the last remaining thylacine to die in captivity. She died on 7 September 1936. The heartbreaking story of how she died from exposure, locked out of her pen at night, is recounted in Robert Paddle’s (2000) extraordinarily detailed book, ‘The Last Tasmanian Tiger: The History and Extinction of the Thylacine’, which is a must read for anyone interested in how the thylacine became extinct in living memory. The last thylacine is often referred to as Benjamin, which mistakenly gives the impression that the last thylacine was male. In fact, Paddle shows, the information that the thylacine was called Benjamin (or ‘Benjy’) comes from an unreliable source, and it is clear from looking at the images that the last thylacine was not male.

Its not quite finished, but I have titled one of my paintings for my upcoming exhibition at the Moore’s building (opening 27th April) ‘Benjamin the Last’. Even though Paddle’s account makes it clear that this was not the last thylacine’s name, the name ‘Benjamin’ has entered into the public domain as surely as have the photographs of her.

Benjamin the last
Katie Glaskin / Benjamin the Last /Acrylic and gesso on canvas /112cm x 76.5cm/ Based on David Fleay’s 1933 photograph of ‘Benjamin’, the last thylacine in captivity, at the Beaumaris Zoo, Hobart

Scent of a Falling Dark

Work is now well underway for the ‘Scent of a Falling Dark’ exhibition which will be held at the Moore’s Building in Fremantle. The exhibition runs from 28 April until 13 May with the opening on the 27th. The title is drawn from a linocut print inspired in part by this sky…


New thylacine footage?

Is it possible that the thylacine is not extinct, that there are remnant populations of thylacines out there somewhere? Some animals have been declared extinct and, some decades after their supposed extinction, have been rediscovered. Perhaps this is why some people continue to hold hope that the thylacine is not extinct…

Today the ABC released a news story with associated footage: three men claiming they had video evidence of a thylacine (in Tasmania). The video awaits authentication. The ABC news story here:

The men who filmed the thylacine gave a press conference which can be viewed in full here:

Of particular interest is Greg Booth’s description of his encounter with the animal.

Stay tuned.



The image adorning the cover of my new book is by Christopher Pease (2013), called Down the rabbit hole II. So pleased to have the artist’s permission to use this image: it so wonderfully encapsulates central ideas of the book.

CrossCurrents cover