Painter, printmaker, anthropologist

Katie Glaskin is a West Australian painter, printmaker, and anthropologist. Katie studied art and anthropology as an undergraduate before gaining a PhD in anthropology from ANU. She has published and edited several books and numerous essays and in 2015, won the Curl Essay Prize (Royal Anthropological Society of Great Britain and Ireland). Katie has worked intensively with Kimberley Aboriginal people on their native title claims, and these experiences have profoundly shaped her understandings of history, environment and place.

Katie has a painting studio at Goolugatup Heathcote and is a member of the Swan River Print Studio located in the same precinct. Much of her creative work has focussed on extinctions of various kinds, beginning with her first solo exhibition in 2018 (Scent of a Falling Dark). Katie’s paintings and prints have found their  way into private collections in Australia, Canada, France, Finland, and New Zealand, and her prints have been collected by the Art Gallery of the University of Western Australia and by the City of Melville for their Art Collection.

In 2022, Katie was selected as a finalist in the prestigious Mosman Art Prize:, the Perth Royal Art Prize for Landscape, the Melville Art Award, and her work was selected for the Megalo (international) Online Relief Exhibition.

Katie has lived and worked in many places around the world including India, Nepal, Israel and Japan.

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Image of Katie courtesy Miles Noel.